March 25th News and Notes

Worship Opportunities

In person worship is canceled through April 5th.  We will once again, reevaluate after that.  Until then, we will have short prayer services Tuesday evenings at 7:30 and Thursday afternoons at 1:00 through Zoom.  You can sign in with this link – or call  in at 1-301-715-8592, using meeting ID 159 967 508. When it prompts you for a user id, simply hit the pound sign.  We will try worshiping by Zoom this Sunday at 10:00 using the same link.  A video of Sunday worship will be posted shortly after it is completed.

Faith 5

In an attempt to maintain community and stay connected, I would like to invite you to join in Faith 5.  Those who participate in Faith 5 will be randomly paired with somebody else.   The two of you would touch base twice a week and go through the follwing five steps:
1.  Share Highs and Lows
2.  Read a scripture (you could take turns picking or just flop open the Bible and see what it lands on!)
3.  Share how scripture relates to highs and lows
4.  Share prayer requests
5.  Bless one another/pray for one another
    Once you and your partner are connected, you can negotiate what this looks like for you.  This is a great way to stay connected and grow closer to one another during this time of social distancing.  If you would like to participate, please email and let me know the best contact phone number.  Partners will be notified next week.


Several people have asked how they can continue to make their tithes and offerings while we are not meeting in person.  There are several ways.  You can mail a check to the church.  You can give online through paypal   You can also set up a payment through your banks online bill pay feature.  Paypal charges the church approximately 3%, so please consider either consider giving through one of the other two ways or adding 3% to your offering to offset the fee.

Cure for isolation

Many of our members may feel isolated.  We have had someone step up and offer to try and teach zoom, google hangouts, facetime or other tech programs to better reach out to friends and family.  If you would like help with that, please email me at and I will set up a time.


If any of our members who are “at risk” do not feel safe running errands, we have put together a team to help you out.  Please email me at and I will put you in touch with them.

Food Pantry

Last week, the Bowie Food Pantry was broken into.  With the economic uncertainty facing our nation right now, there is a bigger need for help then usual.  If you would like to contribute to the Bowie Food Pantry, Janice Sheppard will be at the church on March 30th from 10-11 to collect any donations and deliver them.

Worship Survey

As we navigate these new and uncertain times, we are having to adapt.  This past week was our second Sunday, worshipping digitally with at least more Sundays ahead of us.  As we try new things, feedback is essential.  If you joined us in worship or not, could you take a few moments and fill out the survey through this link.

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