March 26th Lenten Devotional

Deeply Loved

Todd Farnsworth

Psalm 89:19-37

I teach a spiritual practice called: Tapping Prayer. Participants tap on various parts of their upper body while praying and, the outcome is usually an experience of peace around whatever issue the individual is praying. You can read more about tapping prayer at

A tapping prayer begins by identifying an issue that is keeping you from feeling God’s serenity in your life. I might say, “Even though I am feeling afraid of the news in this cycle…” or “Even though I am angry at my friend for what he/she did…” The more specific, the better. That is followed by an affirmation: a simple phrase that brings a cosmic balance to the issue. I often use, “I am deeply loved and completely accepted by God.” When I use tapping prayer with someone who has never tried it, I am surprised by how emotional the newbie becomes when saying those words. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes the words get stuck in their throat.

I wonder if the psalmist was feeling emotional when they spoke these words of affirmation in the midst of their prayer:

“My faithful love will be with him, and through my name his horn/strength
will be exalted.”–Ps 89:24

Have you considered God’s faithful love with you in the midst of your trials
through Lent? Or have you gotten stuck in the muck of your sins and challenges?

As you pray today, try saying, I am deeply loved and completely accepted by God out loud. If it is too difficult, try saying, I can consider that I am deeply loved and completely
accepted by God. Despite the tribulations of Lent, you are deeply loved and completely accepted by God.

Rev. Todd Farnsworth is pastor of the Briarcliff Congregational Church in Briarcliff Manor, NY. When he isn’t teaching tapping prayer he is walking with his wife in the woods or catering to his two cats, Cupcake and Clementine.


©2020 by individual authors and Facebook Narrative Lectionary Group.  This work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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