September 16th News and Notes

World Communion Sunday Drive-in Service

On Sunday, October 4th we will celebrate World Communion Sunday with a Drive-In service.  We will worship at the church at 10:00.  As you pull in, you will be given Communion Elements.  The service will be transmitted on 104.5, so you can listen on in your car.  It will also be broadcast via Zoom, but will not be as interactive as most Sundays.  We will also collect for the Food Pantry at this service.


To stay connected to the children of the church, we are looking for volunteers to send letters/notes to a few children each month.  If you are willing to participate in this ministry, please let Chris or Sue know.


Seeds will resume September 30th.

Prayer Services

There will be no evening prayer service on September 22nd.


We are beginning work on our 2021 budgets and committee chairs should begin to put their budgets together and send them to Cathie Lambert.

Worship Help

If you are willing to learn how to help run worship via Zoom to avoid any more “snow days” please let Chris know!

Zoom Changes

In the coming weeks, Zoom will start requiring a password.  This will be build into the link and also sent out in the emails.  The password will be 2515 (the church’s address).  It will be built into the link.


Several people have asked how they can continue to make their tithes and offerings while we are not meeting in person.  There are several ways.  You can mail a check to the church.  You can give online through paypal   You can also set up a payment through your banks online bill pay feature.  Paypal charges the church approximately 3%, so please consider either consider giving through one of the other two ways or adding 3% to your offering to offset the fee.


If any of our members who are “at risk” do not feel safe running errands, we have put together a team to help you out.  Please email me at and I will put you in touch with them.