Board Corner – Special Edition, September

It is important to the Board that our congregation is kept informed on discussions that are
taking place and decisions that are being made for the good of the United Parish of Bowie.
Minutes of the board meetings, along with agendas, monthly financial statements and the
pastors report, are kept in a binder in the church library.
In the past few months, the Board has been at work in several different areas including:

• Art and Music camp was held in July and was deemed a success

• Listening sessions have begun to follow up on the CAT survey results while looking to the
future of the church. A few sessions remain for anyone who hasn’t attended one yet.
• Three children were baptized into the church in the past few weeks
• Pastor Chris has resigned his position at UPB and it was decided his last Sunday on the
pulpit will be September 25th
• Board has had Zoom calls with representatives from both Presbytery and UCC to find out
next steps for UPB in search for a new called pastor
• Dr. Dean McDonald has agreed to be the Gap pastor for UPB and will cover the pulpit until
the end of the year with a start date of September 26th

• Board working on updating UPB website
• Diane Eades has decided to step down as Vice Moderator of the Board as of October 2,
2022 due to personal reasons but will remain on the board. Sue Kennedy has volunteered to
take over the Vice Moderator of the Board position for the rest of the year.

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