Winter Board Corner


United Parish of Bowie (UPB)

Board Corner

October – December 2021

 The October-December quarter was characterized by changes and transitions.   

In October, the Interim Pastor, Rev. Jim McDonald  moderated his last UPB Board meeting and completed his service to UPB as pastor, moderator, and prayer service leader.  The Board as well UPB benefitted from the rich content he shared throughout his tenure.  At this his last meeting, Rev. McDonald shared with the Board his observations and some suggestions.  He shared with the Board a sermon/talk that he gave in South Korea which contained some questions he thought the UPB Board should ask of the congregation in looking to the future.  Some of his observations were:

  • He felt welcomed and appreciated during his time at UPB and encouraged us to continue to be welcoming.
  • He felt that the Board and other committees/leaders were engaged and well functioning and he was impressed by the time and talent shown with everyone stepping up to fill-in.
  • He was impressed with us calling members of the congregation

Also in October, the Board prepared for the return of Pastor Chris Deacon from his sabbatical along with his family, Heather and Hannah.  The Membership and Fellowship Committee planned a special Chat and Chew with cookies and lemonade and a card was placed in the Narthex for the congregation to sign.

The nominating committee reported that the members leaving the Board were Sharon Doughty, Erma Barron and Herb Sheppard and UPB members who agreed to fill the vacancies are Linda Rawlings, Judy Farrell and Sue Kennedy.

Other happenings during the quarter were:

  • The financial records were reviewed
  • Collections for the Bowie Food Pantry continued
  • Chris introduced the idea of the congregation using the Congregational Assessment Tool. The Presbytery is supportive of this tool to help congregations determine what their needs are, where their passions are and where our energy is.  Additional information was needed so the discussion was tabled.
  • Amendments to the Bylaws were proposed to allow the Treasurer and/or Secretary/Clerk to be non-Board members. The proposed Bylaws amendments were scheduled to be voted on by the congregation in December
  • Incoming members of the Board joined the current Board at the December meeting
  • Cathie Lambert agreed to continue as Treasurer during the upcoming year
  • The Secretary/Clerk position remained vacant
  • Erma Barron agreed to continue as UPB’s representative to UCC
  • The Christmas play was scheduled for December 19 during church service.

Let us remember to keep Christ at the center of our lives!

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