Winter Board Corner

2019 Fall Board Corner                                                         

The UPB Board feels it’s important that we share with the Congregation updates as to the activities of the Board on a regular basis to maintain transparency. To that end please see a summary of key areas that the Board has been working on below. Please note that Board Meeting Minutes are stored in the Church Library should you wish to see more detail; or feel free to approach any Board Member for clarification.

September 10th Board Meeting: The Board continued its review of our UPB Vision and Mission Statements with the objective of revising them to better reflect who we are and what we want to be as a Church.

October 8th Board Meeting: The Board began a discussion of what officially constitutes a “member” of UPB. We have members who were formally inducted into the church in the past who we rarely see. On the other hand, we have members who have never “officially” joined the church who attend regularly. Rev. Deacon was asked to check with our denominations for clarification. All are welcomed at UPB but this clarification is necessary to comply with our denominations record keeping and per capita assessments that we are obligated to pay. These obligations have required a great deal of time for compliance by Sharon Doughty (Board Secretary) and Terry Drown (Board Treasurer). The Board is looking to streamline these obligations while still maintaining accuracy and compliance.

November 12th Board Meeting: The Treasure’s report was reviewed in closer detail as we neared year end. The year began with a projected deficit of $12,800 however circumstances and efforts to alleviate this have reduced this to $8,800. Some required expenses beyond our control (utilities, cleaning, etc.) made up the bulk of this difference. Currently the projections for 2020 giving and financial obligations don’t balance. This has been magnified due to some long term members relocating. This is despite increased pledges for 2020 by the remaining congregation. The Board directed a review by each committee to look at how they could reduce their funding requirements for 2020. In addition, our membership roles were reviewed by the Board and Rev. Deacon was asked to contact the seemingly inactive members identified to determine if they wish to maintain their membership at UPB.

December 17th Board Meeting: Our principal discussion involved budget considerations for 2020 based on the Treasurers Projections and feedback from Committees. On a positive note all of the Committees at UPB came back with reduced budget requests for 2020 with the only exception being Stewardship and Finance which covers UPB fixed expenses which have gone up. In addition, Rev. Deacon declined an increase in his effective salary. The Board looked at ways to assist Rev. Deacon in other ways which were deemed mutually agreeable. It was also determined that the manner in which our Pastor’s performance is evaluated be revised. Sue Kennedy, Erma Barron, and Mary Bird agreed to conduct a review of this process. Terry Drown has completed his Service to the Board (term limit). Elsie Carroll was elected by the Congregation to fill his vacancy. Cathie Lambert (who agreed to serve another term) was elected by the Board to assume Board Treasurer duties in light of Terry’s departure. Herb Sheppard and Sharon Doughty agreed to continue in their roles of Vice Moderator and Secretary for 2020.

2019 In Summary: There is a great deal of “good” at UPB. We continue to actively engage with both of our supporting denominations in a positive way. Our various Committees are all doing a wonderful job.

Children, Youth, and Family continue to find innovative ways to support our young people. Seeds, Trunk or Treat, Cross Gen, Buddies, Ginger Bread Houses, and Pray Ground are programs that have had an impact on our young people. In addition, who can forget the wonderful Christmas Play put on by our youth under the guidance of Diane Eades and Sue Kennedy.

Mission and Service continues to participate in the local Warm Nights Program with other churches. We also consistently provide food and supplies to the Bowie Food Pantry. In addition, we supplied filled backpacks and Christmas stockings to the Pantry for those in need. Collections on “Giving Sunday” continue to support local causes with merit. For example, our recent contribution to the PG County Family Justice Center of gift cards was most appreciated. Let’s also not forget our annual ongoing outreaches at Christmas in April and Mars Hill.

Stewardship and Finance manages to keep our finances in order covering maintenance, salary, and other financial obligations. Managing Stewardship is always a challenging undertaking but year after year a way is found to keep UPB in a position to contribute to charities and the greater community.

Christian and Spiritual Formation continues to provide wonderful music and activities to make our church services both welcoming and memorable. Our Greening of the Church renders our Sanctuary a beautiful and warm place to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Membership and Fellowship continues to hold social activities such and Men’s Night out and Men’s Breakfast on a regular basis.

Communications Committee in conjunction with Rev. Deacon continue to provide uplifting E-Votionals and News & Notes to provide Christian focus and solace for our busy lives. Remember the Bulletins are printed every week. The hymn lyrics for the Sanctuary monitors always miraculously appear too.

The Board would like to thank the Congregation as we enter 2020 for all their support and understanding over the past year. We prayerfully wish to continue to serve UPB to the best of our abilities and ask God through Jesus Christ to work through us to better serve him and our world.


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