December 24th Advent Devotional

Birth Announcement

Jen Boyd

Luke 2:1-7

 Posted on social media, the name, date and birth weight appeared in my feed.  The beginning of this child’s life and story begun with facts and figures.

As we celebrate the gift of this new life, we begin to imagine how their story will take shape in the coming days, months and years.  Will she sleep through the night?  Who will his friends be?    Will they become a teacher like Aunt Ethel, follow in their father’s footsteps, be strong like her grandmother or funny like our cousin Pete?

Jesus’ story – begun here in Luke’s Gospel – much like our own does not really begin at birth, but enters into the story of his family.  Born to an unwed mother forced to travel in the final weeks of pregnancy, uncertain of how they’ll even be received as a family.  Born of the house of David – a great king and yet one who abused his role.  Born into the midst of the world ruled by Rome and uncertainty about the future.

We are born into the story of generations and of the world.  But even more so, we are born into God’s story.  We enter into the midst of God’s relationship with all generations.  Jesus’ birth was God entering into the ongoing story in a new way, to show us a different way to live and to love and to be part of God’s story.

God of life, you birth love into our story.  May we enflesh your story of grace in our daily lives through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


Jennifer Boyd is pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Brewster, New York and lives in Danbury, Connecticut with her 3 cats.

©2019 by individual authors and Facebook Narrative Lectionary Group.  This work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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