December 22nd Advent Devotional

Prepare for the Light

Andrea Allan

Luke 1:5-13, 57-80

We are just days away from Christmas and preparing is on most people’s minds. Preparing Christmas cards, preparing Christmas gifts, preparing food to share with loved ones, preparing everything and anything to make Christmas just right.

John the Baptist however did not come to prepare the world for luxury and festivity, but to break into the world to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” John came to scatter the shadows so that Jesus the light could enter in.

As Zachariah, John’s father’s beautiful psalm reminds us, “you, child, will be called the prophet of the Most High; for you will go before the Lord to prepare his way.”

In these last few days of advent while we are busy preparing our homes, our churches, and our lives for the celebration of Christmas, like John the Baptist, let us also help prepare the world to hear Jesus’ message of hope for the downtrodden, justice for the oppressed, healing for the sick. We are surrounded by the beautiful Christmas music and decorations around us, but let us remember that Jesus came to break through the noise, to speak up for those who are persecuted because of the colour of their skin, for those who are victimized because they do not have money, for people who are caught in a system that is designed to hold them down.

Help to prepare the world for Jesus the light by writing to your government asking for justice for those who are held down by unfair systems. Send letters or emails to your leaders asking for justice for those who are forgotten about and pushed aside by the powerful in our world.


.Rev. Andrea Allan (she/her) serves in a United Church congregation that is part of a multi-faith centre called The Cedars in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She lives with her family in Stratford Ontario.

©2019 by individual authors and Facebook Narrative Lectionary Group.  This work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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