October 10th E-votional

A few weeks ago, it was all the rage!  Now, it is all but forgotten.  Of course I’m talking about the Popeye’s chicken sandwich!  I don’t remember any fast food product being as in demand as this chicken sandwich.  I’ll admit, I bought into the hype.  I stopped on the way home from church to grab lunch and was disappointed to see a sign on the door announcing they were sold out.  So many people were coming in to get the sandwich, it was easier to post a sign then to tell every one of them!  A man from Tennessee (why is it always Tennessee?) went so far as to sue Popeye’s for always being out of the sandwich.

So often life tries to force us into accepting a mindset of scarcity.  There is not enough.  It is a competition to get our stuff first!  We must get ours before somebody else gets it!  Popeye’s chicken sandwich is one example.  How about when Cabbage Patch Kids first came out or the mad rush for Furbies during Christmas one year?  While these things are scarce, they also aren’t important.  My life is no worse because I have never tried Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

God, on the other hand, wants us to accept and live into a mindset of abundance.  God gives to us in abundance.  There is more than enough to go around!  Love.  Grace.  Peace.  Acceptance.  If God loves me, that does not mean that God loves anyone else less.  The grace that God offers you does not diminish the grace that God offers anyone else.  We worship a God of abundance and because of it our cup overflows.  When life tries to force us into a mindset of scarcity, we must remember that we worship a God of abundance!

As we approach celebration Sunday on October 20th and you prayerfully consider what you will pledge to the church’s mission next year, ask yourself, are you giving out of scarcity or out of abundance?  Are you pledging in response to scarcity or God’s abundance?

Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

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