September Board Corner

Spring-Summer Board Corner                                                      –    

The work of the United Parish of Bowie is overseen by an elected, volunteer Board* of church members.  The Board disseminates the Board Corner to let parisioners know what the Board is doing.

In May, Pastor Chris and Erma Baron attended a meeting of the United Church of Christ Central Conference.  Pastor Chris was elected to and installed on the Justice and Witness Committee while Erma was elected and installed on the Higher Education Committee. Terry Drown is working on a statistical report for the UCC.

In March, Pastor Chris attended a meeting of the National Capital Presbytery.  In July, the newly elected Executive Presbyter of the National Capitol Presbytery, John Molina-Moore, led worship at UPB.  As he has been getting to know the churches of NCP, he has been recording short videos about what he is learning about the congregations.  Board Secretary, Sharon Doughty, presented the Board minutes to the Presbytery’s annual record review and they were found in compliance.

The Board had input into an application for a Lily Endowment grant in support of the pastor’s sabbatical.  Unfortunately, a grant was not awarded at this time but we were encouraged to reapply.

   Regular Meeting Activities:

1. The Board enters into worship with prayer and Bible discussion (1-2 chapters of 1 Corinthians and how they might apply to the life of UPB, our lives, and the community).  A Board member shares thoughts on a lesson from recent Sunday services after which the Board sings a hymn. Quarterly, the Board shares a meal prior to the meeting.

2. The Pastor reports on his activities in the church and  the community.

3. The Board “checks in” on church members and regular attendees.

4. Board member liaisons with church committees report on committee activities.

5. The Board reviews a financial report.


The Board discussions in spring and summer 2019 covered varied topics, including:

  1. Use of church facilities by non-affiliated third parties. Currently the building and/or yard are used by the a child care center; the First Community Church congregation; for a community association’s meetings; and a neighboring business for a garden party.
  2. Security in the building: The Board discussed access to the church.
  3. Facilities and Equipment: The Board has approved purchase of new telephones, purging files and purchasing a locked file cabinet for retained files. The Board decided to donate out-of-use items and equipment, and to offer out-of-use supplies and commemorative plates to those who want them.  The Board approved a contract with a professional cleaning service.  The Board is considering ways to preserve the piano
  4. Legal Requirements: The Board is reviewing insurance policies, the conflict of interest forms, and sexual misconduct policy
  5. Life of the Church: The Board agreed to establish a Pray-ground in the sanctuary to bring children closer to the service. The Board followed and contributed to the progress of planning, execution and follow-up of church activities such as Lenten dinners, Art and Music Camp, Kick Off Sunday, the Buddy Program, and Cross-Generational Sunday school.
  6. Community Involvement: This year the Board approved a biannual schedule for the SMA walks, and decided to forego a UPB booth at Bowiefest this year. The church continued to provide meals for Warm Nights. The Board kept informed of and supported activities such as the SEEDS, Mars Hill Mission, Christmas in April
7. Vision Statement Review:  Referring to Mission and Vision Statement Renewal Workbook for Churches by Rev. Jessica Crane Munoz, the Board is drafting a succinct vision statement which will be presented to the congregation at the annual meeting in December.


*The Board members are:  Erma Barron, Mary Bird, Sharon Doughty, Terry Drown, Sue Kennedy, Cathie Lambert, and Herb Shepard.  Moderator:  Rev. Chris Deacon



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