April 3rd News and Notes


Lenten Dinners

We will have our Lenten dinners on Wednesday nights during Lent, continuing tonight.  The meal theme for tonight is crock-pot chicken.  We will have dinner at 6:00 and follow it with an inter-generational, interactive activity.  Sign-ups are in the Narthex for future weeks.  If you did not sign up for tonight, please feel free to come out and join us anyway!


Our next M.O.M.s (mothers of minors!) meeting will be Saturday April 6th at 8:00 for breakfast at Milk & Honey.  This is for anyone with children, newborn through high school to get together and share fellowship with one another.  If you plan on attending or would like to be kept up to date on future events, please email ckdeacon@yahoo.com

Easter Egg Hunt

Following worship on Palm Sunday (April 14th), our children will have an Easter Egg hunt.  If you are available to stay after worship this Sunday to help fill Easter Eggs, it will be appreciated.  We also need people on the 14th to help hide the eggs.

Good Friday

We are looking for readers for our Good Friday service on April 19th.  If you are willing to read, please email ckdeacon@yahoo.com

Maundy Thursday

Mandy Thursday is April 18th.  We will celebrate communion during a potluck meal, beginning at 6:00.  Plan on joining us!

Warm Nights

The Mission and Service Committee will be organizing the food for the Warm Nights program on May 2nd, at All Saints Lutheran Church at 6pm.
The food will be Walking Tacos. Please sign up in the Narthex if you would like to serve or provide food.


Christmas in April

Christmas in April will be Saturday, April 27th.  We will be working on a house in Lanham.  There is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex.

Sermons Online

Did you know that our sermons are posted on our website, usually a week after worship?  You can find them here.

Two Week Outlook

Wednesday, April 3rd

  • Lenten Dinner, 6:00
  • Choir rehearsal, 7:30

Saturday, April 10th

  • M.O.M.s outing, 8:00 AM, Milk & Honey Cafe

Sunday, April 7th

  • Worship with Communion, 10:00
  • Filling Easter Eggs after worship

Tuesday, April 9th

  • Board Meeting, 7:00

Wednesday, April 10th

  • Lenten Dinner, 6:00
  • Choir rehearsal, 7:30

Thursday, April 11th

  • Men’s Breakfast, 8:30 AM, Nautilus Diner, Crofton
  • Ladies Luncheon, 11:30 AM, First Watch

Sunday, April 14th

  • Palm Sunday
  • Children’s Easter Egg hunt after worship

Looking Ahead

  • April 21st, Easter
  • April 27th, Christmas in April
  • May 19th, Church in the Park
  • July 7th-13th 2019, Mars Hill Mission trip
  • July 22nd-26th, Art & Music Camp

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