Winter Board Corner

It continues to be important for the UPB Board to communicate the activities and discussions of the Board.  Minutes of the board meetings are filed in the church library.  Our Policy Manual can be found there as well.  All minutes include our Pastor’s report, Financial information, and committee reports.

In the past few month we have been working on the following:

  • Pastor Chris and the Board continue to study the Book of Acts. There is also a discussion, led by one assigned board member, of a sermon or verse from the previous month.  The board then closes in song.
  • The Board continues with a “Membership Check-In” where concerns or issues that have come up with the congregation can be discussed. Follow-up is made as necessary.
  • All church committees have a board member that gives a report at each meeting.
  • The Board members continue in participating in a “Holy Living” task. Each month a member is charged with a task.  For example a member is assigned to pray with each committee, our music program, and our pastor.  The prayers of the people are sent out each week to Board members so they can hold these people in prayer.
  • The Board voted to approve the Nominating Committee Policy.
  • The Board discussed the Christian Education Program. After realizing the LIFT program did not suit our needs it was decided to support a “Cross-Gen” program on the third Sunday of every month.  All generations have bee encouraged to attend and it has gone well.
  • The Board continues to look at adding policies to our manual. The By-Laws were edited (typos and duplications) and the board voted to present this for a vote, to the congregation, on January 27, 2019.
  • The Board continues to support our Mission Sundays and look into new organizations to help.  The Congregation is also encouraged to submit ideas.
  • The Board supported the CYF Committee start of our “Buddies Program”. This is an effort to get both adults and young people to know more about each other.  Pairs were created and activities have been planned.
  • The nominating committee, led by Board member Mary Bird presented a slate of nominations to fill our Board vacancies. Sharon Doughty has agreed to run for a second term and nominated Herb Sheppard and Ermas Barron to fill the other vacancies.  The committee also presented members from the congregation to serve of the committee next year.  They are Alex Barbato, Mary Jo Munnelly, and Dawn Pitsenberger.
  • The Board voted to utilize Mr. Hugh Blocker, CPA to assist our church treasurer with bookkeeping and multiple other tasks. The UPB treasurer will work closely with Mr. Blocker’s office and will continue to write checks, keep pledging information, and continue with sharing the status of our giving.


The Board is meant to represent the membership of the United Parish.  Please feel free to contact any Board Member or Pastor Chris with your ideas, suggestions and/or concerns.  Board members for 2019 are Terry Drown, Mary Bird, Cathie Lambert, Sharon Doughty, Sue Kennedy, Herb Sheppard, and Erma Barron.


One thought on “Winter Board Corner”

  1. Thank you for a clear and educational Board Corner. May God continue to Bless UPB with excellent leadership from the Pastor and Board. Thank you for your service.
    Barbara Trafton

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