Summer Board Corner

Board Corner – Summer, 2018

It is important to the Board that our congregation is kept informed on discussions that are taking place and decisions that are being made for the good of the United Parish of Bowie.  Minutes of Board meetings, along with agendas, monthly financial statements, and the pastor’s report, are kept in a binder in the church library.

In the past few months, the Board has been at work in several different areas including:

  • Pastor Chris and the Board continued a discussion of the Acts of the Apostles during the April, May and June Board meetings. Also, individual Board members led a discussion on a sermon or scripture passage from a worship service from the previous month at each Board meeting.
  • The Board approved the Nominating Committee Policy document, and it was decided to present the amended/corrected UPB Bylaws document to an approval vote at a future congregational meeting.
  • During May, the Board presented the Congregational Survey developed by the committee chairs to the congregation for their input.
  • The National Capital Presbytery annual review of UPB’s records was conducted on April 21, 2018. Sharon Doughty, our UPB Board Secretary, prepared the many documents and represented UPB at the review. UPB’s documents were well received and the church passed the review, thanks to Sharon’s efforts.
  • The Board has instituted a “Membership Check-in” portion of each Board meeting. Board members discuss problems and issues that have come to their attention affecting various members of the congregation. Actions are discussed, if appropriate.
  • The Board continues to review and update existing UPB policy documents, including identifying those that have not yet been developed. Some policies that still need to be developed are: Recordkeeping by the Treasurer, Disaster Preparedness, Communications, and Receiving Gifts.

The Board is meant to represent the membership of the United Parish.  Please feel free to contact any Board member or Pastor Chris with your ideas, suggestions and/or concerns. Board members for 2018 are Gene Barbato, Mary Bird, Sharon Doughty, Terry Drown, Sue Kennedy, Cathie Lambert and Nancy Snyder.

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