March 2018 Board Corner

Board Corner – March 2018

It is important to the Board that our congregation is kept informed on discussions that are taking place and decisions that are being made for the good of the United Parish.  Minutes of Board meetings, along with agendas, monthly financial statements, and the pastor’s report, are kept in a binder in the church library.

In the past few months, the Board has been at work in several different areas including:

  • Read and discussed Sailboat Church by Joan S. Gray.  Throughout 2018, Board Members will be in prayer for each other, the congregation, committees, and worship leaders and those lifted up in prayer during worship.   Added to meetings will be a discussion of Acts
  • The Board elected its officers for the 2018 calendar year: Vice Moderator – Terry Drown; Secretary/Clerk – Sharon Doughty; Treasurer – Gene Barbato.
  • The Board participated in the Annual Leadership Retreat/Training on January 27, 2018. Reviewed and revised the Board Covenant which was then signed by each member.
  • Committee Liaisons for 2018 are: Children, Youth, and Family – Sue Kennedy; Christian Spiritual Formation – Cathie Lambert; Communication – Chris Deacon; Membership and Fellowship – Terry Drown; Mission and Service – Nancy Snyder; and Stewardship and Finance – Gene Barbato.
  • Approved Gene Barbato, Joey Drown, Roy Eades, Cathie Lambert, and Mike Mehl as counters.
  • Nominating Committee for 2018 is Shirley Bickel, Mary Bird, Russ Doughty, Roy Eades, and Cathie Lambert.
  • Began work on written guidelines for the Nominating Committee.
  • Is in the process of reviewing the By-Laws for spelling errors and inconsistencies in wording. When work is complete, the corrections will be submitted to the congregation for approval.
  • Approved using additional funds from special gifts, if needed, to cover costs of Kick-Off Sunday and using the building fund to cover the cost of roof repairs that exceeded the budget amount.
  • Updated membership rolls. In the future this will done yearly.
  • Began looking into getting a defibrillator for the church and updating the first aid kit.
  • Thanked Doug Snyder for years as serving as delegate to the Potomac Association of the United Church of Christ and Erma Barron for volunteering to serve as the new delegate.

The Board is meant to represent the membership of the United Parish.  Please feel free to contact any Board member or Pastor Chris with your ideas, suggestions and/or concerns.  Board members for 2018 are Gene Barbato, Mary Bird, Sharon Doughty, Terry Drown, Sue Kennedy, Cathie Lambert, and Nancy Snyder.





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