May 10th Weekly E-votional

I saw a video that really resonated with me this week, although not necessarily for the reasons intended.  It is a video about 14 wolves released into Yellowstone park in 1995.  Because scientists released 14 wolves into the park, amazing changes took place!  Deer started to avoid certain areas of the the park.  Because the deer were absent from these areas, more plants and trees began to grow in the areas.  This brought more berries and bugs, which brought different bird species back to the region.  The new trees also brought beavers back to the region.  Their dams attracted otters, muskrats, and different reptiles.  The wolves also killed coyotes, which led to the mice and rabbit population growing.  This attracted red foxes, weasels, badgers, hawks and even bald eagles.  Reintroducing wolves to the park even changed the geography!  The added vegetation stabilized the banks of the rivers, decreased erosion, narrowed channels, and formed pools.  The rivers now stayed more fixed in their paths.

This video was meant to demonstrate how amazing nature can be.  While I won’t disagree, that isn’t all that I took away from it.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed.  We are called to further the Kingdom of God.  However, I am only one person!  We are only a small congregation!  How much influence can we really half.  These 14 wolves drastically changed Yellowstone Park.  Yellowstone Park is approximately 3,471 square miles.  That is just under 248 square miles per wolf!  If that few wolves can change that big of an ecosystem without even trying, how much more can we do when we answer God’s call?  How much more can we do when we listen to the Holy Spirit?  I may only be one person.  We may be a small congregation, but when we listen to God, we can change our community, and even the world.  We are called to further the Kingdom of God here on Earth and we can make a difference!

Matthew 17:20  “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.” “

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