March 4th Lenten Devotional

Worthy of Love?

Andrea Allan

Psalm 36:5-10

Today’s Psalm reminds us God’s love is bigger than anything in this world, God loves us more than we can even imagine. It is a beautiful feeling to be loved so much. But many of struggle with being loved so fully because sometimes we do not think we are worthy of being so loved. We make mistakes, we are not perfect, we are sinners; how can God love us as much as the Psalmist tells us when we have so many limitations?

Do you believe that you are worthy of love and belonging?  Do you believe that right now, just as you are, that you are worthy of being touched by God in love? Or in the back of your mind are you thinking to yourself: “Perhaps, I will be worthy – as soon as I catch up on my Bible reading, or as soon as I get better at praying.”

Most of us are not sure if we truly are worthy of love and belonging from the world let alone from God. If we were, we wouldn’t struggle with sharing our gifts openly and freely, we wouldn’t judge those around us, we wouldn’t hurt one another and ourselves.

Are we worthy?  This is a question we ask of ourselves or perhaps we ask of others – but God never asks if we are worthy; God freely gives, and God freely loves us; in God we belong no matter what. Today we are reminded that even though we may not always believe it, we are worthy, we are deserving of love that is bigger than the whole world. Thanks be to God.

Rev. Andrea Allan ministers in a rural charge in Embro, Ontario at Knox United Church of Canada. She lives with her husband and daughter in Stratford Ontario.

©2017 by individual authors and Facebook Narrative Lectionary Group.  This work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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