April 4th Lenten Devotional

Acting Big

Kelley Jepsen

Luke 19:1-10

 As Zacchaeus goes out into the crowd that is surrounding Jesus, we can tell that he is not well liked. There aren’t people around to take pity on him – to let him slip in front of them so he can see. There are no friends saving a spot for him near the front because they know he’s going to have trouble looking over the crowds. Zacchaeus is alone. And he is faced with a choice – stay small and blend into the crowd or do something big. How often do we feel small and alone like Zacchaeus? Sometimes blending in feels easy, safe, and we can’t help but want to hold back.

But Zacchaeus quickly realizes that if he is going to see Jesus he needs to take action. Acting small isn’t going to get Zacchaeus anywhere. So he looks around, sees a tall sycamore tree and risks being laughed at or shamed while climbing the tree in front of everyone. It’s a bold move, but he knows there is no glory in acting small.

And not only does Zacchaeus get to see Jesus, but Jesus see him and makes a point to call him, by name, into action. God does the same for us, calling us into action – to think bigger and to act bolder. And like Zacchaeus, we too know that we do no glory to God when we act small. So when you feel overwhelmed or worried about being too small, remember that God calls us regardless of our size. God sees that we are capable of big things and we must remember to look for those traits in ourselves too.


Kelley Jepsen is a second year MDiv. Student at Luther Seminary. She is currently pursuing ordination through the Presbyterian Church (USA) and is discerning a call to prison chaplaincy.


©2017 by individual authors and Facebook Narrative Lectionary Group.  This work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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