August 11th Weekly E-votional

Hopefully, after Mars Hill, Art & Music Camp, and vacation, the weekly updates will actually be, you know, weekly.  If you happen to follow my personal account on Facebook, you saw the video of Hannah I posted this past week.  It was Sunday night and we turned on the Olympics as we were winding down for the evening.  Simone Biles was doing her floor routine and Hannah loved it.  She immediately began trying to mimic Simone’s routine in our living room.  She danced, tried cartwheels, and tried to follow along the best she could.  Every night since then, she has wanted to watch “flipping”.  There is no doubt she was inspired.

Hannah is not alone.  Many people are inspired during the Olympics.  Whether it is watching the almost flawless routine of the “Final Five”, seeing the United States’ dominance in the pool, or any of the incredible athletic performances in Rio this week.  We should be inspired, these athletes are inspirational.  They take a God given talent and put in hours, days, years of practice and dedication to become the best at what they do!  It makes us want to be better at whatever we do.

How is your faith inspiring?  After all, our faith is a God given gift.  With practice and devotion, our faith can grow and become stronger?  Whether it is meditation, prayer, reading scripture, singing, or any other practice, we can grow our strength.  We may not be able to swim like Katie Ledecky or be as graceful as Aly Raisman, but we can build our faith. With time, we can be someone others look to.  We can be someone who draws others to Christ.  We can be an inspiration.

Hebrews 10:24  “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”


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