July 6th News and Notes


We do not have a liturgist signed up for this Sunday (the 10th).  As we have a guest preacher, it is important that we have a liturgist.  Please email ckdeacon@yahoo.com if you are willing to serve as liturgist.

Mars Hill

This weekend, several members will be traveling on a mission trip to Mars Hill, North Carolina.  Attending will be Gene Barbato, Jan Barbato, Chris Deacon, Hannah Deacon, Heather Deacon, Russ Doughty, Sue Kennedy, as well as Chris’s dad, Dave Deacon.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Pulpit Supply

The Rev. Dr. Karen Brown will be filling the pulpit on July 10th.  She will be bringing some youth from the Jubilee Arts program she works with and they will have t-shirts for sale after the service.

 Committee Chairs

We are looking for people to chair the Children, Youth, and Family committee as well as the Christian Spiritual Formation committee.  If you are interested in chairing one of these committees, please see Chris Deacon.

 Two Week Outlook

Sunday, July 10th

  • Worship, 10:00
  • Rev. Dr. Karen Brown filling the pulpit
  • Chat & Chew following worship

Thursday, July 14th

  • Men’s Breakfast, 7:45 am, Nautilus Diner, Crofton

Sunday, July 17th

  • Worship, 10:00
  • Family Crisis Center meal

Looking Ahead

  • July 10th-16th: Mars Hill Mission Trip
  • July 25th-29th: Art and Music Camp
  • August 20th, Baysox Game
  • September 17th, Bowie Houses of Worship Tour
  • September 22nd: Watoto

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