May 25th News and Notes


Bowiefest is coming up June 4th.  Sign-up sheets for helping out available in the Narthex.  The Burgess’s, who usually head this up, are unavailalbe this year, so we are still looking for a Project Lead to oversee everything.

Rechartering Sunday

Sunday, June 5th is our Rechartering Sunday.  During worship, there will be time to tell your story.  Come prepared to share a story about your faith or the church.

SMA T-Shirts

You can order an UPB vs SMA t-shirt for the rock n roll for $15.00 with the proceeds going towards finding a cure for SMA.  Please order one here or through the sign-up sheet in the Narthex.

SMA Walk

Our congregation will be hosting a walk n roll to raise money for SMA on Saturday June 11th.  The walk will be one mile at 10:30 and we will have a celebration afterwards.  This is an opportunity to both commit to hands on mission and raise our viability in the neighborhood, so let’s all get involved so we can put an end to SMA!

 Mars Hill

The Mars Hill mission trip will be July 10th-16th this year.  Please let Chris know if you are interested in going bu June 12th.

 Two Week Outlook

 Thursday, May 26th

  • Men’s Breakfast, 7:45am, Nautilus Diner

Sunday, May 29th

  • Worship, 10:00

Saturday, June 4th

  • Bowiefest, 8:00 – 6:00

Sunday, June 5th

  • Worship, 10:00
  • Rechartering Sunday
  • CYF committee meeting, 5:00

Monday, June 6th

  • Worship Team, 4:00

Tuesday, June 5th

  • Board Meeting, 7:00

Looking Ahead

  • June 4th: Bowiefest
  • June 11th: SMA Walk
  • June 26th: Church in the Park
  • July 10th-16th: Mars Hill Mission Trip
  • July 25th-29th: Art and Music Camp
  • September 17th, Bowie Houses of Worship Tour
  • September 22nd: Watoto

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