May 24th Weekly E-votional

When I am asked to officiate a funeral, I always ask to meet with the family of the loved one who has past.  This is so that I can get to know the loved one through the family’s eyes.  Usually one of two things happens.  Either the family shares with me basic facts, where they worked, where they lived, etc or the family gets started telling stories.  I so much prefer that later.  Not only is it a way of providing tribute and healing, but it really helps me to see the loved one through the family’s eyes.  Stories are powerful.  Stories are important.

Stories help us to grow in relationship.  Think about that for a minute.  What would help you get to know somebody better, knowing facts about them (height, eye color, where they are from, etc.) or hearing them tell a story about when they were growing up?

Stories are also how we learn best.  Hannah loves to have us read stories to here and we love to see as she makes connections between the stories and life.  Maybe this is why Jesus taught so often through stories and they are some of the passages that are most remembered today, the story of the Good Samaritan, the story of the Prodigal Son, and so on.

Stories are powerful.  They teach us, move us, they connect us, and they inspire us.  On June 5th, we will be celebrating Rechartering Sunday and I am going to ask you to share your story.  During the service, there will be time for anyone who wants to come forward and share their story.  It can be a story of a time when their faith carried them, a story about how they came to follow Christ, or a story about a particular moving time in the church.  Come, share your story, and let it teach us, move us, connect us, and inspire us.

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